July 30-31, 2010 we hosted Dr. Chuck Pierce’s Tennessee State Meeting in Chattanooga. “Dr. Charles D. “Chuck” Pierce has been used by God to intercede and mobilize prayer throughout the world. He is an ordained minister and serves as President of Glory of Zion International Ministries in Corinth, Texas. This ministry facilitates the vision of other apostolic ministries worldwide. Chuck is known for his accurate prophetic gifting which helps direct nations, cities, churches and individuals in understanding the times and seasons we live in.  During our meeting Dr. Pierce delivered a series of powerful prophetic words over our state.  The Following is a transcription some of those words.

We say, “From this city, a new history begins tonight!”  God has brought us here to witness a restoration of covenant that will change the course of this nation, coming from this place in a different way.  Because of our gathering tonight, we will receive keys to unlock the Kingdom of God from TN.

And I say to you, “Tonight I have come to turn The Trail that is planted deep in the atmosphere. I say tonight a spirit of betrayal will break from My people’s lives.”

So I say, “Look up into the Heavens. Look up and watch, for over this land called, ‘Tennessee’ a window is opening.” I say, “It is time for visitation to come, and I am lifting this state out of the conformity of a nation, and you will begin to be set apart in a new way. For betrayals have entered the nation again, and covenants will be tested again,” but I say, “This state is being lifted up above the land of betrayal to restore a people in days to come.”

And I say to you, “This is a gate that has been closed for seasons upon seasons. It is a gate that has been ancient above this land.” But I say, “Because the Ancient of Days has now rested Himself above Tennessee, I will begin to rearrange the legal courts that rule this nation!” I say, “From this place, you are opening up more than you know. And where the enemy has wearied My people through laws and changing of times,” I say to you, “I am opening a gate to reset time and I will use Tennessee as a model of a state with a voice that echoes My time,” saith the LORD.

And because of tonight, of your setting aside to bring My right order in,’ I say to you, ‘A voice will now arise from this state, a voice thatwill be heard throughout the nation,’ and I say, ‘From this state, a voice of reconciliation and restitution will begin to flood the nation. For even now there is a decree forming against My plan in this nation that now will be uncovered,’ saith the Lord. ‘Because of what you have done tonight, what was planned by the enemy will now be thwarted.’

On May 31, 2008 … God caught me up … and He for four hours began to show me what was to come again … He showed me…state by state by state what this nation looked like…. There were 21 states in covenant with the Lord in this nation, only 21. So don’t be deceived into thinking that this nation is in full covenant with the Lord. It is not…. Every state constitution is based on a godly covenant, but until a people in that land in time establish that covenant and demonstrate that covenant, that covenant is just paper.

He showed me TN. It was the only state lifted up above the conformity of the land. In other words, TN was not a state that would be controlled by the land laws, but by the laws of heaven…. It was the only state that was being lifted up and set apart for the future to be a prototype, a voice, sort of like the priesthood tribe, the tribe of Levi that was set apart. It was as if God was bringing this state up…. Tennessee was pulled up and set apart. Do you know what that means to me? God has chosen this state and He is about to do something in you… God is drawing you up, pulling you out of old structures, and you are not going to be the same that you have been in the past.

We are here in Chattanooga, which has been a deciding force in our nation in both Civil War and in the movement of the First Peoples of this land into a concentration camp that Hitler modeled after. And all of a sudden, God says, “Wait a minute! This people and this place (Now hear me) place is coming into covenant with Me. And I am raising it up above its brothers, like Joseph.” God says, “A Joseph’s mantle is coming on this state of TN. I’m going to say it again, “A Joseph’s mantle.” The Lord says, “From this state there will be voices that rally, stand in a demonstration type of form to change this nation.” The ‘Good Ole Boys’ are over in this state! I don’t know how else to say it, because God is raising it up. And it is going to have truth coming from this state. And this state is going to be above the pyramid that dwells over in Memphis…. God says, “This state is coming up above the structures.

God showed me something down in the land of states of this nation. Not every state had these. They looked like fire castles built into the state and I said, “What are those?” The Lord said, “Those are Freedom Outposts where people will be able, this Triumphant Reserve will be able to come into. And as they come into this place, this will be the gathering places for the future. People will be revolutionized. They will come in one way. They will go out 7 times brighter, filled with fire. Their DNA structures will change. Iniquities will unravel in meetings like this in days ahead because the body of Christ is going to be in the right functioning order with a holy God who has redeemed us through His Son.

The Lord says, “Tonight I have demonstrated to you that I am creating a new order and in this state called TN I will raise up a new move that has not been seen. I will actually raise this state up above the national structure of control in days ahead and you will become a prototype to demonstrate my holiness and my power. Get ready. Your life is going to change because if He is going to do this in this state, He will start with the people who are called by His name, who have His name stamped upon them. You will see God come into this state and rearrange strong denominational structures that have resisted rearranging in the past and bring them into a new understanding of spiritual life and power. This state will become a demonstration against a national socialistic government that will attempt to stop the next move of God!”

Father, I want to thank You tonight that You are setting a new order in everyone’s life that is in this gathering. Father, this is the beginning of detaching the land of Tennessee from the iniquities of the past. And the Lord says, “Because you came tonight, I will begin to detach the way you have walked in certain issues in the past and rearrange how you walk in the future. Words that have formed weapons against you will no longer be able to hold you captive,” saith the Lord. I say, “I have brought you here tonight to say, ‘Liberation has come and I am cutting you loose from your worldly control and thought processes in the state of Tennessee.” “There are some of you here tonight,” the Lord says, “I am going to liberate your land.” Now in the Word of God land is your mind…. Heart and mind are interchangeable…. Father, I ask You right now to cut loose this state so it begins to be reordered to have wisdom which is ancient. Lord, I say that the people in this state, even the younger generation, will rise up and be wise at a young age. Lord, raise up multiplication and prosperity will come into this state.

And I say to Chattanooga, “I will be having a national gathering in this city. Get ready to host a national gathering that changes and breaks the power of the national iniquities that have attempted to stay held in place. I say, “Governmental officials will come to this state to gain revelation and wisdom of what is to come. I say to you, “This night I have raised you out of the norm. No longer will you be as the norm, but you will become a setter of new trends. (Some of you who are in business, you need to grab that word right there.)

Father, we thank You tonight for this covenant state of Tennessee, and Father, what You said was, “I am uprooting this from any old evil root that would hold the people captive in the next 10 years.

Father, we thank You that tonight this state from this city is being pulled above its brothers and we receive the mantle of Joseph’s prosperity and insight upon the body of Christ in this state and upon the leadership of the state in days ahead. Father, we thank You now that You will put right leaders in place sovereignly from this night forward that will affect a nation in a way that no other state will affect this nation. Lord, we receive this anointing tonight. We receive this sound tonight and we say, “The land has now been freed to rise and the people have been freed to rise up into a new place of favor.” Let’s shout and thank God for what He is doing.

          Let’s go back to Tennessee and let’s look at something. If God has lifted you up, that means the thrones here He has already uprooted!!! I haven’t said this to another state. I didn’t say it to Kentucky and they were one of our better covenant states. And it had one of the strongest thrones of iniquity right in the center of it. But if He has pulled Tennessee up, He has uprooted the thrones of iniquity, so all you have to do now is go to all the places where thrones of iniquity have formed and worship and they just fall over and topple and disintegrate!!!

          When you go to Lookout Mountain and you worship, it is not going to be the same type of warfare that you are involved with because the throne from there will begin to dissipate and every place it has touched, it will lose its grip on.

And before long, Tennessee’s voice will be stronger than any other voice in this nation because it will come from the music of this nation. Pray for those people … that the world does not crowd them in that they lose their voice. That is another place that we will have to worship, at Opryland ….Tennessee, you are called to be a Kingdom people above the kingdoms of societal structure that exists here. Understand Kingdom. Lavish in Kingdom and change the atmosphere of this state to glory.

You have brought us to a city where you are restoring all!!  Father, You have brought us into a people that are being restored.

Lord, we thank You that the Bride is coming forth in this state and will not hesitate because You are jiggling the door of this state. So, Father, we say for the Bride here that the Bride will advance at a moment’s notice.

Father, we thank You for the sound that has been imported into this state to stir up the sound of the state. We thank You for the leaders that have come into this state so that they can see a state rising. We thank You for Mississippi. We thank You for AL. We thank You for GA. We thank You for FL. We thank You for all of those who are represented, for SC. Father, we thank You for the Kingdom rising this hour. Father, we thank You that the Kingdom within this people who have come here to worship in this meeting now will rise up in Jesus’ name. Father, we thank You that we will move forward in a new way in Jesus’ name. Let’s clap our hands and thank God for what He is doing.