One group of people – the Brainerd Mission, in what is now Chattanooga, TN  (which includes natives, black slaves of the Cherokee and whites)stayed true to their Covenant with the LORD and went on the Trail together in brotherly love.  YHWH wants the Covenant Keepers to come home.


Would you like to help sponsor a descendant of the Trail?

We are making opportunities available for those who would like to give a financial gift towards the expense of travel, accommodations and meals in order for a descendant to return back to the land of their forefathers for this historic event. 

You may give your gift through on-line (coming soon)

or you may send your check or money order to:

His Warrior Bride

Dr. Bettye Lundquist, Director

P.O. Box 8668

Chattanooga, TN  37414-8668