The Trail of Tears which started in what is now Chattanooga, TN is one of the darkest blights on American History. Probably all Native tribes have suffered great injustice, innocent bloodshed, broken covenants and pain, but the Cherokee’s Trail of Tears is most documented. I believe that is because the Cherokee were the first Native nation to have a syllabry language and a newspaper where, with the help of the Brainerd Mission trained missionaries, they could expose what was going on when they were being removed.

The Trail of Tears is to a Native American what the Holocaust is to a Hebrew. It represents all the suffering they have gone through. They call the Trail of Tears “The Trail Where They Cried!” At least that lets us know that there were many white people whose hearts were broken by the evil decisions of President Andrew Jackson and those politicians and people who supported him.

The Indian Removal Act of 1830 was passed to remove all Native Americans east of the Mississippi River west. Fraudulent covenants were signed promising them land that would never be violated by white men again. One look at the Reservations shows us how well our forefathers kept covenant.

When the Roundup started, Cherokees were rounded up at gunpoint. If a mother was in one place, a father in another and the children still another, it did not matter. Pride, arrogance, land lust, bigotry and pure evil prevailed. The Cherokee Nation was forcibly removed and probably ¼ died in the concentration camps where they were held or on the trail. Nothing but the blood of Yeshua Messiah could ever pay the price of this loss.

This was pure evil and no excuse will ever atone.

However, much repentance and reconciliation has happened by people who are willing to be numbered with the transgressors and those who are able to forgive because they realize how much Yeshua has forgiven them for.

Now it is time for us to honor the Native American Nations as equals and walk hand in hand with them to unlock the Kingdom of God as One New Man. I hate the title, “Domestic Dependent Nations.” Rise up, Native nations; you are just as much a nation as the US is. Walk into your destiny. Let’s find out why Creator has us all on this land together now and move forward into the future as one. You reflect part of the image of Creator and are a part of the body of Yeshua that we will never see if we do not connect.

We want to hear your sound and see your regalia. You are welcomed to everything we do. In fact, we treasure you and your presence