On the 9th of Av, the Children of Israel missed their Door of Hope, listened to the bad report and refused to go into their Promised Land. That date has been cursed, causing horrible things to happen to Israel on that date throughout history. YHWH never intended that day to be cursed. It was to be the best of days, one they would always celebrate. For several years, we have been having gatherings here on this date and repenting, so that fast day is now a feast day for us. This year’s gathering is deliberately scheduled for the weekend before the 9th of Av (the following Tuesday). 

We don’t want to miss this kairos time. Let’s go through the Door of Hope hand in hand as One New Man into the fullness of YHWH’s plan and see this place where so much pain and bloodshed happened through the Trail of Tears and the Civil War become the Door of Hope for us all and every people group and generation to come. Let’s reverse the curses.

If this resonates with your spirit, please join us for a glorious time of worship and inner healing for us and the land.

YHWH Is Calling Us to Meet with Him

It is His gathering. He is the agenda.

The Brainerd Mission was known as The Torchlight to the Cherokee. We honor the unique image of YHWH that the Native Americans and every other people group carry. Everyone is free to wear his or her regalia and come to worship freely to the sound of the land, including our big Native Family Drum. We will sit in a circle, “Indian style” as one. YHWH Raphe can heal us and make us one in brotherly love. That was what the Brainerd Mission was all about, and they proved it by going on the Trail together.

 Because of the power of the blood of Yeshua, we can drive bad blood and death out of our lives and off this land. Come and help us make this Valley of Achor (Place of trouble) a Door of Hope. It is not too late.